Agile Project Management

Crema is an Agile agency.

Our projects are not bloated with senior and junior level account execs, project directors, business analysis and at least 4 other titles for “overhead”.  Our project managers value setting clear accountability, communicating effectively, and allowing our team to work creatively to achieve our results. We’ve spent years working to perfect how to work best with each other and with our clients, and we’re still iterating to become even better to make each new venture more successful. Layers of management can be expensive, we’d rather put that money toward the value of a team that is managed well and does epic work!

Transparent Projects

We’re your team, and this is your product. You have full access to the team, our task tools, and Slack channels. You’ll be a part of regular stand ups, and weekly status reports.

Agile Sprint Planning

We help you to explore what can be accomplished sprint by sprint as we track our velocity to each release or milestone.

Feature Backlog Management

New ideas come from everywhere. We’ll work to capture every new idea, and make sure that it gets prioritized for biggest impact on your product roadmap.

Roadmap and Release Planning

Getting through the early releases is an art and science, and as we move forward, the roadmap guides our team to the each new release.