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What is the Crema Apprenticeship Program?

The Crema Apprenticeship is a 6-month mentoring program designed to train and equip technology professionals in the software development and design fields. Crema believes that autonomy, mastery, and purpose are the 3 key motivators for good employees to produce good work. Our goal with the apprenticeship is to provide an environment where future tech and design leaders can not only hone their craft, but learn what it means to consistently deliver a job well done.

Individuals selected for the apprenticeship program will serve within their chosen craft (programming, design, product management, strategy, and test engineering) for 6 months. During that time, their strengths will be assessed and leveraged for rapid growth in a targeted skillset. This is done through intense engagement in fundamentals, mentor-driven and self-guided learning, internal projects, and participation in actual client work. Crema believes that placing talented individuals who are passionate about learning and growing into an environment dedicated to excellence and constant improvement will yield tomorrow’s tech leaders.

We aim to produce leaders who are humble, confident, and masters of their craft.

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Who are we Looking for?

The technology industry provides a lot of options for exciting and rewarding job opportunities. However, the skills needed are specific and require a high level of competency. Our apprenticeship is designed and well-suited for individuals who are considering a new career path AND are hungry to learn the skills necessary to be successful. If you find yourself desiring a change in vocation, but worry that you lack the necessary skills, a Crema apprenticeship may be an ideal stepping stone for you.

Our ideal apprentice is someone who strives for excellence and will not settle for “good enough”.
We are looking for someone who is able to think creatively and collaborate with others to build the best solution for any given problem.
Successful applicants must demonstrate an insatiable desire to learn, a hunger to contribute, and an aptitude for solving problems quickly and effectively.

If selected, you’ll get the opportunity to jump headfirst into the Crema environment! Crema is a fast-paced work environment seeking talented individuals who crave learning new skills and aren't afraid to tackle big projects. As an apprentice, you will get to interact with every individual on our staff and work on real projects that will greatly expand your skill set. You’ll get the opportunity to learn from our team and see firsthand how a successful company operates. We will also learn from you as you make contributions to our projects, both internally and externally.

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Why Apprentice at Crema?

Our Innovation Lab Fridays take place twice each month, and give Crema employees the opportunity to work on a project or learn a new skill. This is just another example of how we invest in the creativity and professional growth of our employees!
Our office location in the Crossroads gives you plenty of options to grab a bite, explore nearby shops and stop by our gallery during First Fridays!
We throw several social events to boost morale and foster strong relationships between you and your team members. These events include board game nights, happy hours and more!

Program Specifics

Unlike a traditional academic calendar, our apprenticeship program has a revolving frequency. The number of apprentices at any given time is not set, but we will have 1 to 3 apprentices in any given class. The number of apprentices and the skill set they focus upon will depend on the needs of our business. What is consistent is the cadence within each class and the fact that we will have a revolving frequency. This means we will always have apprentices working at Crema throughout the year. A typical timeline might look like the below:

August 5

Applications are opened for the next class of apprentices.

August 5 - august 23

Applications are reviewed and select candidates participate in phone screens.

august 26 - september 13

Select candidates are invited to Crema for interviews, and, if necessary, asked to complete skill tests on their chosen craft.

september 16 - september 27

Candidates are awarded the apprenticeships.

september 30th

Work begins for the new apprentices!

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What Happens after Graduation?

Our hope is that positions will be available for the apprentices that successfully complete the program. However, employment at Crema after an apprenticeship is not guaranteed. In the event that a position is not open, Crema assists our apprentices in their job search serving as references and making introductions to other technology companies when possible.

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