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Other Positions

We're not currently hiring for these positions but always looking for qualified and passionate individuals.

Office Hospitality Coordinator

A Crema Hospitality Coordinator ensures that our office is welcoming to clients, visitors, and Crema employees. He or she maintains a hospitality mindset and a calm, courteous, professional demeanor at all times. He or she is also attentive, highly dependable, organized, and shows respect for discretion when necessary. This position is part-time, 30 hours per week.

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Marketing Specialist

As a Marketing Specialist, it is your job and passion to bridge the gap between marketing and sales by being both analytical and creative! It is your job to oversee, evaluate, and implement an integrated marketing strategy that builds awareness and ultimately converts prospects into marketing originated customers.

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Test Engineer

Crema Test Engineers are instrumental in ensuring that all of our digital products are thoroughly tested and represent the highest level of quality. Crema is passionate about creating products that are beautiful, useful, and easy to use. A Crema Test Engineer will have that same passion and the necessary drive and skills to make sure all products made at Crema are delivered with excellence.

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Product Manager

Crema Product Managers are servant leaders responsible for ensuring that all client engagements are thoughtfully planned, that goals are effectively communicated between the client and production team, and that the final experience is professionally executed.

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Digital Product Designer

Crema Product Designers create custom websites and applications on multiple platforms and for multiple views. They are highly creative, avid learners, and obsessed with delivering applications and concepts that provide the end-user with an exceptional user experience.

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Product Strategist

Crema Product Strategists are partners and confidants, guiding efforts related to product strategy, user research, and product-market fit. They develop product strategies with clients to determine the trajectory of the product’s user experience and overall development. They are responsible for overseeing the product development process to ensure that the vision was clearly understood, and that the client is on the path to success.

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