Product Manager

Crema Product Managers are servant leaders responsible for ensuring that all client engagements are thoughtfully planned, that goals are effectively communicated between the client and production team, and that the final experience is professionally executed.

Essential Functions

Reasonable  accommodations  may  be  made  to  enable  individuals  with  disabilities  to  perform  the  following  essential  functions.  

  1. Serve  alongside  all  team  members  of  Crema,  attending  and  participating  in  team  meetings  as  needed.  
  2. Work  closely  with  other  members  of  the  Production  team  to  conceptualize,  design,  and  fully  execute  all  projects  at  Crema.  
  3. Work  closely  with  the  Production  team  to  create  a  technical  direction  that  is  consistent  and  structured  in  a  way  that  allows  for  efficient  implementation.  
  4. Work  with  all  Crema  team  members  to  stay  current  on  UX  and  Technology  trends  and  think  differently.  
  5. Research  and  implement  project  management  best  practices  in  a  consistent  and  holistic  manner.  
  6. Responsible  for  contributing  to  the  Master  Production  Schedule  and  providing  Resource  Capacity  updates  to  all  members  during  Sales  &  Operations  Planning  meetings.  
  7. Provide  excellent  customer  service  to  all  Crema  stakeholders,  both  internal  and  external.    
  8. Draft  project  specific  documents,  proposals,  and  timelines  for  timely  delivery  to  the  Client.  
  9. Serve  as  a  primary  point  of  contact  for  maintaining  positive  client  relations.  
  10. Serve  as  Scrum  Master  for  all  engagements  under  your  management.  11.Lead  story-point  estimation  sessions  for  all  engagements  under  your  management.    
  11. Lead  sprint  retrospectives,  sprint  planning,  and  tracking  velocity  of  sprints  towards  releases.  
  12. Participate  in  discovery  and  strategy  sessions  with  the  Client  and  internal  team  members  as  needed.  
  13. Organize,  schedule,  and  lead  project  meetings.  
  14. Ensure  accurate  data  entry  and  updating  in  our  project  management  systems.
  15. Provide  timely  and  technically  accurate  communication  to  Clients  on  behalf  of  the  production team.  
  16. Provide  assistance  on  special  projects,  tasks,  and  other  duties  as  assigned.

"At Crema I’m given the freedom to do what it takes to make sure my team & our clients are successful. We are wholeheartedly trusted as experts in our fields. That sorta love and respect is a void in so many work places, but Crema doesn’t play - they really mean it."

product team presentation

Preferred Qualifications

  1. Knowledge  of  digital  industry  is  essential.  
  2. Knowledge  of  modern  web  technologies  and  the  ability  to  communicate  the  benefits,  drawbacks,  usefulness,  and  effectiveness  of  various  technologies  using  non-technical  jargon.  
  3. 1  –  3  years  of  working  closely  with  clients,  internal  or  external,  to  plan  and  execute  projects.  
  4. Familiarity  and  experience  in  product  management  tools  such  as  Asana,  Jira,  Zenhub,  GitHub,  etc.  
  5. Familiarity  and  experience  leading  software  projects  using  Agile  Product  Development  principles.  
  6. Understanding  and  experience  with  the  Scrum  methodology.  Certification  as  a  Scrum  Master  (CSM)  is  a  plus.  
  7. Excellent  communication  skills  with  other  Crema  employees  and  external  constituencies.  
  8. Highly  organized  and  the  ability  to  work  under  pressure  from  deadlines.  
  9. Superior  time  management  skills  and  the  ability  to  manage  multiple  tasks  or  projects  at  once.  
  10. Team-oriented  and  display  a  willingness  to  learn  from  others.  
  11. Self-starter  and  willingness  to  jump  in  and  hustle  to  get  things  done.  
  12. Display  a  high  level  of  critical  thinking  and  a  desire  to  create  solutions  to  problems.  
  13. Bachelor’s  degree  from  an  accredited  institution  is  a  plus.

Meet our

Product Management


Justin smiling

Justin Mertes

Product Manager

Tucker smiling

Tucker Sauer-Pivonka

Director of Product Management

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Michael Luchen

Senior Product Manager

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Alison Renfro

Product Manager


  • Competitive Salary
  • Health, Dental, Vision, Life and Short-term Disability Insurance
  • SIMPLE IRA Retirement Plan
  • Ongoing learning and professional development
  • Results-Based Culture with flexible work schedule
  • Top-notch gear
  • Professional AND casual environment
  • Ever-flowing coffee
  • Copious amounts of team events and outings