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Product Strategy

The best ideas need a strategy and a bold decision.

Like a third-party co-founder

Combining design thinking and Lean Startup principles with years of cross-disciplinary experience, Strategists help define the vision, trajectory, & high-level priorities of a team & project. They’ll work closely with your internal stakeholders, customers, & the product team to map, analyze, refine, & communicate…almost anything to help your team succeed. Over the course of your project, they’re your sounding board to evaluate ideas and navigate ambiguity inherent in complex situations.

Alignment Guidance

One of the most difficult challenges of any project is getting—and keeping—everyone on the same page. Strategists help reinforce alignment of the team’s expectations with always-shifting priorities, constraints, & opportunities of a project. With each new discovery, they'll help evaluate options and provide suggestions on ways to move forward.

Honest Partnership

Crema sees projects as partnerships, and we are invested in the tangible success of our work together. Recognizing that it’s ultimately your product, strategists provide honest feedback and ask hard questions about each decision to make sure that all angles have been thoroughly considered.