Cross Functional Product Teams

Crema is a cross functional launch team.

Each of our teams offer strategy, design, development and management. These small collaborative teams are like a speed boat to success.  They are able to come alongside your existing team to help navigate the choppy waters of a new product launch.  Focus is key to hitting our results, which is why we work to keep each of our teams dedicated to one client or project. To make Crema better across multiple client teams, we are constantly encouraging cross-collaboration between designers, developers, strategists and project managers so we can reach optimal results.

Strategy lead teams

Crema guides teams through a business definition exercise utilizing the Lean Model Canvas. This exercise aligns our teams around a clear understanding of your product’s purpose and unique value proposition. 

Design at every stage

Crema’s passion for good design keeps the amazing experiences coming out of each stage of the product roadmap.

Creative development

Our developers are not locked in a back room. They work side by side with the strategist and designers to find the best solution and user experience.

Keep it simple

Building a successful digital product is never simple, but to the customer it should feel that way.