Learn to Validate Your Idea in 4 Days.

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Tuesday, July 6th, 5:30 - 8:00 pm CST
at Crema

Join us at a free event to learn about how you and your team can receive rapid user validation, bring the best out of your team, mitigate risk, and more, using a 4 day Design Sprint.

Justin Mertes, Design Sprint Facilitator at Crema, will walk you through the history of the Design Sprint, what the value of it is, and what exactly happens each of the four days. From there, Justin will facilitate a 60-90 minute session that will expose you to Design Sprint methodologies, show you just how much work can be accomplished when conversation is structured, and equip you to better lead your teams in problem solving efforts.

Drinks & dinner will be provided!

“I walked in assuming I knew what was best. Then a switch in my brain flipped halfway through the Sprint. The users loved the new direction, and we haven’t looked back.”

- Design Sprint Participant


• 5:30-6:00:  Networking.

• 6:00-:6:30:  Design Sprint presentation.

• 6:30-8:00:  Group problem solving session.

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