Innovation Consulting

Crema is an innovation consultancy.

You’ve likely heard something similar to, “Ideas are a dime a dozen. Execution is all that matters.” Not only do we believe this is true, we’ve witnessed it time and time again. Great idea, poor execution. Launching products is hard. It requires a fine mix of style, market knowledge, and distribution.

Our innovation consulting strategies first start by exploring your idea in depth. We like to get a broad look at the market potential and competition. Then, we narrow our focus on the problem you're solving, and craft a solution in order to test it quickly. Based on test feedback, we’ll collaborate on building a strategic direction that best suits your business goals.

Ultimately, innovation consulting seeks to understand:

  • Product Roadmap
  • Early customer profiles
  • Strategies for growth

Lean Product Consulting

Reduce waste and get it out. Crema guides teams through a business definition exercise utilizing the Lean Model Canvas. This exercise aligns our teams around a clear understanding of your product’s purpose and unique value proposition. The build > measure > learn cycle drives our experiments in order to find product-market fit.

Design Thinking

Our team facilitates activities that challenge us to look at problems through different perspectives, such as the user, customer, and stakeholder. These collaborative sessions help uncover unknowns, consider design driven options, and make decisions on next steps.

Growth Planning

Launching a product is half product and half growth planning. Our team will help identify potential marketing channels to jump start business growth. We’ll work together to build upon that customer base as we build the product, then scale as we achieve product-market fit.

Team Management Coaching

Organizing a team toward a common direction is challenging. Crema has been crafting strategic and tactical processes that pull together DevOps, Lean, and outcomes driven management. We consult in helping product teams shift their culture to drive toward a common goal for successful, measurable outcomes.