Iterative Sprints

Crema is an iterative agency.

You’ve likely heard the old adage, “Ideas are a dime a dozen. Execution is all that matters,” or something along those lines. Not only do we believe this is true, we’ve witnessed it time and time again. Fire Phone, anyone? Great idea, poor execution. Launching products is hard. It requires a fine mix of style, market knowledge, and distribution.

That’s why we start by exploring your idea in depth. We like to get a broad look at the market potential and competition. Then, we narrow our focus on the problem you're solving, and craft a solution, and test it quickly. Based on test feedback, we’ll collaborate on building a strategic direction that best suits your business goals.

When you’re done working with us you will understand:

  • The path forward for your product
  • Who your early customers are
  • And, next steps for growth

Story points

In order to understand our pace to each release, we estimate our level of effort in agile story points.


While we don’t work with fixed scope projects, we don’t expect a blank check. We set a roadmap and measure our current speed to where our level of effort might fall.

Stand ups

Communication is key. You’ll be a part of our daily stand ups as we determine what we accomplished yesterday, what we are planning to accomplish today, and what might be.

Sprint planning

Nobody likes meetings on Mondays or Fridays, so we work Wednesday to Wednesday sprints. Each week teams measure progress, estimate for the future, and set accountability for the next sprint.