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Unmatched Talent in the City of Fountains

Our home – and heart – is in KC.

Since its inception in 2009, Crema has been a part of the Kansas City community. Our company has grown from a couple of guys in a space up near Briarcliff, to a burgeoning team in the middle of the Crossroads. Through it all, we’ve been committed to our roots – and that midwestern hospitality. 

Keeping it local.

Our team is entirely based in the US. In fact, 90% of them work in our HQ near downtown. While we love the global economy, we value relationships and quality above all else. We work hard to find opportunities to be the in the same room with our clients. We’ve found that by knowing your product team, it results in mutual trust that’s needed to bring successful products to life. Not to mention: it makes planning lunches and happy hours so much easier to coordinate. BBQ, anyone?

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Tapping that potential.

Kansas City has so much to offer. There’s an immense amount of innovation, creativity, and growth happening right in our backyard. Over the last 9+ years, we’ve found that building the right product comes from iterative sprints of design and development. We want to create a shared understanding with our clients in the same room & watch them experience their product for the first time. Our dedicated product teams are experts in agile, full-stack development, and ready to bite off any challenge thrown at them.

What's a product team?

Speaking with honesty.

To put it simply: we are in the business of people. We just happen to build digital products. Technology connects us with people all around the world, but at the end of the day, our team is committed to doing the best work for our clients – whatever that means. If we’re not the right fit for your project, we will tell you. We will also offer up suggestions to our trusted local partners if we think they’ll knock it out of the park. If we do get the chance to work together, our team simplifies the complex, solves problems quickly, and brings innovative thinking to the table.

Committing to results.

At our core, we are a results-based organization. Our focus on getting things done well is what allows us to operate best with our clients. We are fiercely committed to constant improvement. We want to experiment with the best tools and processes to build your digital product. Whether it's a brand new product or an enterprise application that needs some attention, we're fiercely committed to results. We are a tight-knit team that is radically transparent with our clients. Plus, we’re nice people. Blame it all on these roots.

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