Market Research and Analysis

Crema is a research and analysis agency.

Interviews, surveys, polls, and market data all point back to one thing: real people using your solution. We help you gather and analyze the pain points, current alternatives, and get to building experiments to test each of these assumptions.  Using the scientific method and an artist‘s touch, we build, measure, and learn where that illusive product-market fit might live.

Customer Interviews

We help our product owners get past that dreadful moment of talking to people, often times just asking, “What if this existed?”

Position Testing

We run quick A/B test with landing pages and small marketing experiments. Test language, brand, and positioning to see how the market responds to your value proposition.

Alternative analysis

We explore what your potential customers might be doing today to solve the problem your approaching. This may be a competitive product or manual process.  We’ll map out the customer’s current alternatives to your solution.