At Crema, we are in the business of people and we believe creativity and innovation can impact the world for good.

There's no shortage of project management solutions in the world.  Every one of them promises to make your organization run seamlessly.  We’ll be the first to admit that there is no perfect PM platform. That being said, we LOVE Asana.

Asana allows us to pull together the entire product team.  This includes all of our production roles of design, development, quality assurance, strategy and project management.  We give our clients full and transparent access into all the tasks and activity that is driving their solution forward.  They are a big part of our product team, and it's important they are not kept in the dark.  

Some of our favorite aspect of Asana include:

• Flexible structure - Asana does not force an “Asana way” of managing.  This can be a struggle for those that just don’t have process, but it allowed us to adapt the tool to our golden-layer of the Crema experience.

• Teams and projects - We use a different team for each client. The client can see all the projects in that team.  Each project has a purpose. Such as:

     Project on-boarding

     Brainstorming and ideas

     Archive of resources

     Organization of content

     KANBAN of work to do

• Accountability - We utilize both the assignments and follower to make sure that each task has the right people involved in the conversation, but that the final accountability is on the right person

• Flexible organization - A task is a very flexible tool. It includes the basics of title, details, comments, due-dates, attachments, etc. All the normal PM task stuff. But Asana has a neat hack that allows you to reference the same task in multiple projects.  This means that the same task can be in a project for organization and brainstorming, and also be managed in a project for KANBAN stages to get it done.  

The most important part of any PM tool is the team behind it.  We are constantly iterating on creating the best process to facilitate a successful product team.  Interesting in how we can help manage your next product development? Lets set up a Strategy and alignment session today.