Brand Voice

When you communicate with another person, they experience your voice.  This is more than just the sound that comes from their mouth. It is the words you choose to use and your intonation of them. It is your accent from your place of origin. It’s your posture and eye contact.  It may even be your volume. #loudtalkers.  

Each brand has its own voice as well.  It represents the way that the brand communicates with any person that interacts with them: friendly, professional, colloquial, technical, fun, or anywhere in between. The voice should flow through every touchpoint — advertising, sales, on-boarding, UX (user experience) and support — to provide a cohesive personality that builds a sense of trust with the audience.

At Crema, we work with brands and copywriters to help craft a voice that will best speak to the audience of this brand. Interested in creating the voice of your product?  Lets set up a strategy and alignment session today.

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