Craft Teams

We believe in cross-functional teams. In our experience, bringing multiple individuals with a variety of skills together into one cohesive team creates an environment where the best products and solutions made. Learn more on why we love Product Teams.

Crema is also passionate about Craft Teams. If Product Teams are the expression of our value of Collaboration, Craft Teams are the expression of our love for Constant Improvement. Our team is driven by a desire to always be growing and getting better. We want to succeed and we want to be at our best, at all times. This is done individually through professional development, in addition to spending time with like-skilled team members. Designers spend time with one another, critiquing each other's work; programmers participate in what we call “Dev Chats”, learning from one another, reviewing code, and investigating new frameworks and platforms; managers and strategists meet as teams to discuss process and consulting exercises.

Our Craft Teams provide the coaching, learning, and professional growth to make our Product Teams that much better.

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