Crema does not often bill by the hour, but we do believe in tracking our time.  Harvest is one of the most integrated solutions for tracking time in a product team.  It allows you to see what your time is being most spent towards.  It also allows us to keep a level of accountability with ourselves and with the client when we wrap up sprints and review outcomes.  

Crema is a results based culture which means that we don’t believe that butts in seats is a measure of success, but as we achieve success it does help us to measure the level of effort it took for us to complete this.  

Harvest forecast is also a powerful way for us to look at the allocation of our team.  Given that our contracts are based on sprints of work and the percentage of dedication during that print, we look carefully at the availability of each team member. Underutilized?  Then we need to find work to book them up.  Overcommitted, then we need to find additional people to help.   The product management team works carefully with sales and operations to make sure that we are balancing our workload appropriately.  This keeps us from asking people to work crazy hours, but yet gives us the confidence to take on more.

Interested in us putting your project on our forecast?  Lets set up a strategy and alignment session.

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