Heroku is a fully managed cloud application platform implementing security and scalability best practices alongside a suite of developer tools. Crema utilizes Heroku's rock-solid infrastructure to deliver software products to the world.

By deploying applications to their own isolated environment in Heroku Runtime, Crema Product Teams are allowed the focus and flexibility that creating great software demands. Heroku gets us from concept to deployment extremely fast, and adding resources like data stores and messaging services is a breeze. What is often a sprawling web of cloud service accounts and billing cycles is a consolidated experience on Heroku, which makes transferring total ownership of a product to you a simple process. Crema developers are kept happy with the slew of developer-focused tools that allow us to maintain software, troubleshoot issues, monitor performance, and ensure code quality.

Since Heroku’s physical infrastructure is hosted and managed within Amazon’s secure data centers, we can rest assured that stability and security  are in the hands of experts.

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