Information Security

We take the security of protecting our client data seriously. For each laptop used by a Crema team member, we deploy a security profile that enables protective measures such as enhanced password requirements, automatic screen lock, and disk encryption. We also ensure each laptop has a firewall enabled and an antivirus program installed and running in the background. In the rare event a laptop is stolen, our security profile allows us to remotely lock and wipe the device.

We practice good physical security of laptops as well. In addition to the automatic screen lock, we require that laptops are locked when Crema team members are not at them. An emphasis is placed on the importance that devices should not be left unattended or in an unsecure location.

Strong requirements are also in place for managing secure access to client files and logins. We utilize a protected Dropbox Business account to generate securely shared folders that are only accessible by the client and Crema team members working with the client. Our team also uses 1Password for Teams which enables us to securely and separately manage unique client logins, both internally and with specific clients. We use 1Password for Teams to generate strong passwords when creating new accounts on behalf of our clients.

While we stand by our security measures, we do work with our clients' custom security needs when required.

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