Integrated Solutions

We have a saying at Crema, “don’t recreate the moon." Yes, we’re aware that the proper sayings are “don’t reinvent the wheel” and “shoot for the moon”, but think about what would happen if you did both of those things? There is efficiency gained in allowing other people’s work to shine, which in turn, gives us time to focus on the moon and deliver a product that outshines expectations. When we develop products for our clients, we rely on reliable, easy to use services and libraries that allow us to focus on the custom aspects of your product. We know that most applications will require people to log in, or send emails or notifications, or show a calendar. Why recreate all of these things when someone else is doing them better, and it’s right there at our fingertips?

There are a few common services we’ll use for most of our products. Need to send emails? There’s Sendgrid for that. Need to shoot people a text message? There’s Twilio for that. We use services for push notifications, deployment, storing files, monitoring servers, and more. In addition to these services, we use code libraries where applicable as well. When developing with Javascript, there is a huge community of developers that are releasing open source libraries that perform certain tasks and integrations, it would take us almost twice the time to develop your products without them. We look for reliable, highly used libraries that are frequently worked on with a backing development team behind it.

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