Javascript (on the server)

When Javascript is the right tool for the job, we break it out. This means we write a lot of javascript. Node.js has opened the door to using JavaScript outside of the browser, including on the server. With its growing popularity, there became a need to have robust, flexible frameworks to give developers a more complete experience. There are plenty to choose from, but for RESTful API’s, we’ve landed on Hapi.js. It’s a battle-tested, lightweight API framework with a succinct ecosystem of quality plugins and extensions.

In the cases where a CMS (content management system) or admin tool is a requirement for our clients, Keystone.js is a nice framework that comes with a lot of that out of the box, with plenty of space to customize. When we’re building something for ourselves we often reach for Javascript, and when it’s right for your product, we will then, too.

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