Lab Fridays

Crema is a product agency, building solutions to help companies of all sizes solve problems. Some solutions are simple, while others are incredibly complex. In addition, new technologies are being introduced every day, creating new problems and new ways to solve those problems. This reality requires a constant effort, on our team’s part, to keep our finger on the pulse of where our industry is going. This is why we created Innovation Lab.

Every other Friday at Crema is dedicated to research, learning, and creating ways to apply that research. What we have learned is that these activities accomplish several things for our team:

1. Increased creativity

2. Increased productivity and effectiveness on our clients’ projects

3. Growth in the breadth and depth of our technological expertise and skills

4. Drastically reduces the possibility of becoming stagnant in our processes

5. Keeps us on the forefront of new technologies that can also be applied in our daily work

So…do you want some friggin’ innovation? Do you want a product team that kicks obsolescence out the darn door? Then have we got a deal for you!

Use Crema today.