Lean Business Model Canvas

Creating a Business Model Canvas is the fastest way to capture your business idea in one page, so that you can make decision quickly to find test ways to solve your customer or user’s problems.  

During our Strategy and Alignment Sessions, we will collaboratively move through the Lean Business Model Canvas.  Original adapted from the business model canvas, Eric Ries (The Lean Startup) adapted the traditional Business Canvas to focus more on the Customer - Problem and Unique Value proposition, rather than focusing on heavily on the solution and marketing of the idea.  We agree with the pivot in focus.  By keeping our attention on the customer and the problem, we can explore the best solutions possible.

The stages of the Lean Business Model Canvas include:

Customer Segments: Who are you target customers or users?

Problems: What problem are we solving for these people?

Unique Value prop: Single, Clear compelling message that states why you are different and worth buying or using.

Solution: No more than 3 core features.

Unfair Advantage: Can’t be easily copied or bought

Revenue Streams: Revenue Model, Lifetime Value, Possible Margins

Cost Structure: Customer Acquisition Costs, People/Build Burn Rates, Distribution Costs.

Key Metrics: What can we measure for success?

Channels: How do we get to the users/customers?

By doing this together as a team, we can quick have a shared understanding of the why, what, and how this team will start building, measuring, and learning what will gain traction with these customers.

Lets get a a strategy session scheduled so we can start exploring your idea.

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