Mood Boards

Sometimes you just can’t put into words that style you’re looking for.  An idea was sparked by coming across another experience that you thought was great.  You used an app recently that just felt “Right.”  Mood boards are a great way to share this inspiration and style direction.  Mood boards have been used for years in all design trades. They help designers to communicate to stakeholders their vision for what elements would be used to bring the concept to reality.  

Traditionally this included:

  • Textures
  • Color
  • Patterns
  • Fonts
  • Illustration Styles
  • Photography Styles
  • And even imagery to evoke an emotion. 

In the world of Product Design this often includes:

  • UI Library Inspiration
  • Font considerations
  • Gif or video examples of Micro-experiences
  • Hex Colors
  • Other apps UI for inspiration
  • Imagery Styles
  • Graphics or illustration styles

The purpose of the mood board is to understand the mood or vibe of the UX we are creating.  This mood should reflect the user persona.  Do truckers want a minimalistic broken grid UI?  Maybe, but we can use a mood board to make sure that we all understand how that might feel. One other thing that we’ve changed about the process is that we include the user in this exercise.  We allow them to add their inspiration, brand, or likes/dislikes to the board.  This way we find that the product team as a whole can speak into how this mood or style board will play out in the final app. Interested in establishing the mood of your app with a product team that can bring it to life? 

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