Our recommendation is to release early and often. While uncomfortable, it leads to the most effective product decisions and can support the most efficient budget allocations. When you know what your users like or don’t like, we can account for that almost immediately, depending on the size and frequency of your product releases.

Typically, product releases may include one or more feature and/or one or more bug fix. It’s up to you and the product team on what should be in your next release.

Prior to a release, we typically run a regression test. A regression test is a script our Quality Assurance team maintains and follows for your product to ensure the next release doesn’t regress in functionality, unless it is intentional. This process helps ensure we can release often, yet maintain a high level of quality for your product’s users.

Over time, our team has invested in and cultivated many ways to effectively manage your product releases. From both a product management and a technical perspective, our team has the expertise in generating and maintaining effective release management.

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