User Experience (UX)

User experience is the overarching philosophy that guides every product we build at Crema. Not just a single discipline, it is the “Golden Layer” of our work. It flows through strategy & alignment sessions to prototypes, user research to usability testing, accessibility to cutting-edge development, and everywhere in between. It all must point towards a meaningful experience for customers and the business.

The early days of UX were driven by software engineers, developers, & researchers. Their GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) were a major leap from the de facto experience of text-only commands, creating a new category of interaction design that enabled the Internet as we know it today. Then, the pendulum swung back to designers taking the reigns to craft beautiful pixels on the screen, but sometimes without consideration of the technical or business outcomes.

The last 10 years ushered in a wave of tech hardware and software capabilities that have made great design & usability easy to take for granted. The bar has been set high by great product teams building thoughtfully integrated product experiences in every category and it’s no longer acceptable to create a solution that’s difficult to use. And great products require great teams.

This is why we believe that UX is crafted by a collaborative product team with the shared goal of providing their business and customers the most value.

There is a lot of debate amongst those in tech & design about what UX means, how it’s done, and who does it. We believe that UX is not defined by a certain set of activities or the domain of a single role, but by special attention given to the context & outcomes of a product or service.  It is not isolated to user flows, diagrams and wireframes that are handed to a design or development department.  We believe it is a way of looking at the product from many angles.  It utilizes design thinking principles of brainstorming, prototyping and testing.  It puts the user first and always asks for feedback.  A great UX understands the landscape of current product design trends and capabilities. A great UX empathizes with the context of the person using the product.  It does not say,  “Does this look good” or “does this check the box to say it works?” It asks, “Are we making your life better?  Are we making your work easier? Are we bringing you value?” and “Could it be even better?”

Our team works with product owners and managers with existing product landscapes and new product ideas.  We help them to explore how we can make the best user experience for their customers a reality. Lets set up a Strategy and Alignment session to see how we can create the best UX together.

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