Culture is powerful! It’s derived from the things we create in our work, and the meaning we take away from it. A strong culture keeps your team anchored to the core values and shared vision of the company. So how do you build a strong, effective culture? It is built on the values the team holds dear. At Crema, we have identified what is important to us and strive every day to make sure no one forgets who we are and what we value.

  • Constant Improvement - We’ve woven into our culture a desire to never settle. Our team wants to get better all the time.
  • Collaboration - The bottom line is that we are better together! Time and time again, we’ve seen the best ideas and products come together via collaboration.
  • Trust - Our clients want to know that we will deliver on the promises we have made. In other words, they want to work with people of integrity. And so do we. We lean on each other internally, and we lean on our clients and their expertise to help us do our best work.
  • Results-Driven - Our company is at its best when we are working towards results and impact, not hours at a desk. Our primary goal is always to create the most value for our clients and their businesses.
  • Generosity - Our basic view of work is that it is an act of service for the well-being of others. We do our work for the good of our clients, our community and our team. That is why productivity and time management are so important. Time is our most valuable resource, and planning what we do with it is key to our progress. It comes down to a collective desire to build something great; do something bigger; and to serve someone other than yourself.

The above values drive our decision making and the growth of Crema. Creating a positive, cohesive, lasting culture within any company is not easy, but it’s worth the effort.

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