Version Control

Version control is the act of managing changes to something over time. Version control in software helps individuals or product teams manage any changes or modifications to a code base. All software is built on thousands of lines of code. Keeping track of the changes in that code is crucial to making sure that the software remains stable as new features and functionality are introduced. When a team of developers is working on code together, it is necessary that they track the changes made on their local personal machines as they all merge back into a master staging or production code base.

Good version control practices help to avoid teams of developers merging in code that might alter previously retain code or even continuously updating code. While bugs are always a factor in software, this attention to detail in the version control ensures a higher level of awareness of the changes new code will make.

Finally, version control gives the entire product team or a changing product team a timeline of all the changes in the codebase over time. This can be a lifesaver if an issue arises and it necessary to roll back to a previous snap shot in the code's history when the code was more stable.

Crema utilizes best practices with our version control of choice, Git and Github to manage code version, branching and merging so that the product teams can collaboratively move forward to getting a product builds built and ready for new or existing users?

Interested in working with a product team that keeps their code stable with version control? Let's set up a strategy and alignment session today to discuss.

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