As agile product teams, it is crucial that our teams have a well-organized backlog of work to complete.  While we use Asana to bring our teams together for brainstorming, design, and content, we needed to find a solution where our development tasks could live a bit closer to the code.  Big fans of Git and Github, we were excited to start using Zenhub as a management layer on GitHub tasks.

Zenhub allows us to create an ongoing backlog of work, and manage a Scrum board of work towards sprint builds, and milestone releases.  Zenhub issues are the exact same data as a Github issue, so as we commit our code into a branch we can easily reference the Github/Zenhub issue that describes the work.  Each issue represents an Epic or User Story to define the work to be done and acceptance criteria.

Tools to manage development should make the product team’s workflow easier.  With Zenhub, a product strategist can work alongside the developers and quality assurance professionals on the same product board.

Lets pull your product team’s code together with Zenhub.  Reach out to set up a strategy and alignment session.

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