Prototypes and Testing

Crema is a rapid prototype and validation agency.

We help you validate your product concept before you build it. Rapid prototyping with click-through designs will help us iterate on your idea to find both a viable solution and a validated product experience. Our prototypes aim to align internal and external stakeholders, as well as collect feedback from early adopters.

Clickable Prototyping

Oftentimes people need to feel something in order to provide valuable input. Our team creates beautiful and realistic experiences that users can interact with and help inform next steps for your product – all before a line of code is written.

Animated Concept testing

By using animation tools, we can help paint the picture for the subtleties that make a great user experience.  Now you, the production team, and the potential customer can see how interactive your experience could be.

Concept Testing

Each prototype iteration is always driving at achieving our business objectives.  Are we solving the problem? Would this solution get used? And would they share it with others?

Usability Testing

Different from concept testing, usability testing is focused on finding and filling holes in the user’s flow to achieving the goal.  Is our design and build usable, useful, and enjoyable?