Andrew smiling

Andrew Watson

App Developer

Andrew started out in Digital Media, specifically in the animation world. He loves taking ideas, seeing the story, and then creating a world around them. He worked in the animation world for a few years, but then became more interested in UX/UI development and the way people use what they see. He went through a coding bootcamp in Seattle, WA that lasted the better part of a year and came out with foundations around full-stack JavaScript. From there, he worked on projects ranging from the crypto space to aerospace. He keeps his animation roots close and tends to gravitate towards the highly visual & highly interactive when thinking about design and development. Andrew also has an unhealthy knowledge of coffee and ways to brew it.

Andrew was able to work as a supplier for Boeing in Everett WA in their Concept Center working on an IoT platform. He saw it as a great opportunity to think through very unique problems and see what could be possible in the future for an industry known for their jurassic era tech.

A few of his favorite things are Coffee, Working out, and Collecting playing cards... as nerdy as it gets.