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Blake Tarter


Builds products as a member of the production team while also helping mentor and give direction to the development team as a whole.

About Blake

Blake went to college for a graphic design degree. He started his career as a User-Experience intern at a startup in Kansas City. Following the internship, he realized that he was more passionate about development and made the decision to join the team full-time with a focus on development. Ever since then, he's been fully committed to development while still finding uses for his design knowledge. Blake has worked in startup and agency environments in design and development related roles. He's also used many different web and native technologies, including building Android-based set-top boxes, React-Native mobile apps utilizing image-to-text recognition, Angular and React-based Web Applications, and Node-based APIs.

What's Blake's favorite thing about his role?

"My favorite thing about development is that it's not a "solved problem", there are always new things to learn, new ways to build things, and new types of things that need to be built."

Check out Blake on the Crema Youtube Channel

Blake Tarter
Blake Tarter
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