Blake smiling

Blake Tarter

App Developer

Blake has always had an interest in creating things and solving problems. The issue was that he had trouble deciding which career path to pick. Luckily, his high school offered programming, web design, and graphic design courses. Throughout high school, he tried those career paths out, but eventually decided to pursue a design career even though he had a knack for development as well. After graduating, Blake went to college to get a graphic design degree. In his spare time, he kept honing his development skills, specializing in front-end development.

Fast forward a couple of years, and Blake had an opportunity to become a User-Experience intern at a startup in Kansas City. The job used skills in design as well as development, but with more of a focus on development. Following the internship, he came to the realization that he was way more passionate about development. Blake made the decision to join that team full-time with a focus on development. Ever since then, he's been fully committed to development while still finding uses for his design knowledge.

Blake has worked in startup and agency environments in design and development related roles.  This has given him a good amount of perspective when it comes to building products and solving the right problems. He's also used many different web and native technologies, including building Android-based set-top boxes, React-Native mobile apps utilizing image-to-text recognition, Angular and React based Web Applications, and Node based APIs.

A few of his favorite things are Development, Sports, and Learning new things.