CK smiling

CK Hicks

Lead Architect

Raised as a photographer, trained for audio/video production, self-taught to be a developer...CK loves to learn! Creating experiences is his jam, and bridging the gap between digital/physical is his dream. CK strives to add value that can be tracked and measured, using technology to deploy time-proven concepts into new mediums. Born and raised in the Midwest, he loves putting in a hard day's work, spending time with his family, and ending the day with a movie or video game over whiskey or tea.

CK has worked with digital teams all over the world on projects ranging from single-page apps to international franchise systems, from visual effects for film to augmented reality for brand activations. He's currently attempting to merge his love for storytelling with developing third-party apps for popular video games.

A few of CK's favorite things include family, food/travel, and sunsets.