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CK Hicks

Creative Technologist

Explores how people interact with technology and the world around them, driving cross-discipline innovation through real-world prototypes and approaches, supporting a culture of learning by making and collaborating with others across varied mediums.

About CK

Raised by a photographer, trained in audio/video production, self-taught as a developer…CK loves to learn! You can usually find him with a pen in his hand, a strange piece of tech on his desk, and up to his elbows in lines of code. Mainly, though, he loves to be the middle-rung of everyone’s ladder and help people reach their goals. He believes that time is our greatest currency and people are our most precious resource.

What's CK's favorite thing about his role?

"Working with the Crema team and our clients to solve real-world problems with new technologies."

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CK Hicks
CK Hicks
111: Developers Thinking like Designers
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