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Kiley Bublitz

Application Developer

Develops, implements, and updates software solutions for web and mobile applications.

About Kiley

Kiley has a non-traditional background for tech. She spent 5 years in the healthcare industry before deciding she needed a career change. When searching for a career, she came across development and started building skills on her own with JavaScript/CSS/HTML. Kiley decided to pursue development as a career and completed an intense, 24-week Full Stack Web Development program at KU. Following the program, she began a 6-month apprenticeship with Crema, where she continued gaining knowledge around React, React Native, TypeScript, Node.js. Kiley joined the team full time in April of 2019.

What's Kiley's favorite thing about her role?

"Creating something functional from nothing and the challenge of learning a new language."

Check out Kiley on the Crema Youtube Channel

Kiley Bublitz
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