Kiley smiling

Kiley Bublitz

App Developer

Kiley has a non-traditional background. She spent 5 years in the healthcare industry before deciding she needed a career change. When searching for a career, Kiley came across development and started building skills on her own with JavaScript/CSS/HTML. She enjoyed creating something functional from nothing and the challenge of learning a new language.

Kiley decided to pursue development as a career and completed an intense, 24-week Full Stack Web Development program at KU. Following the program, she  began a 6 month apprenticeship with Crema, where she continued gaining knowledge around React, React Native, TypeScript, Node.js, and what it means to be a developer and work on a product team. Kiley joined the team full time as of April 1st, 2019.

A few of Kiley's favorite things include her goldendoodle, Ebba, Good food (especially sweets), and Continuous learning (whether that be development or sign language, etc.)