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New Tech Ventures

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How we build new tech

You’re a corporate innovator spearheading a new initiative, or maybe you’ve founded an early stage startup. Either way, you are exploring how software will be the core of your business. You’ve got ideas, but it’s hard to understand the many directions you could go. You need a guide to help you ask questions, map the space, understand your customers, and quickly generate value for the organization.

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Validate early and often

A strategy and alignment session followed by design sprints with rapid prototyping and testing... we are now armed with a validated direction to move forward. Our team believes that everything is an assumption until we prove it. So make a decision, build it, test it, and repeat.

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We don't just talk, we build

Our teams don't stop where many consultants do - with a plan and maybe a design. We immediately get to work to bring the customer solution to life. We know that seeing is believing, so we work hard to get product releases out each 2-week sprint to see progress, refine, pivot, or persevere!

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Our goal is to grow your business

As your platform scales, we prepare our clients for the future. Addressing technical debt, solid infrastructure, and continued to support as the team grows with the success of the product. This can even look like us helping with your hiring!

Common activities and outcomes

Strategy & Alignment Session

Design Sprints

V.1 -  V.x Builds and Releases

Product Management

Hiring Support