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Team Alignment

Sprinting faster with a shared vision.

Why we align teams

Crema has found that diverse teams that share a common vision can accomplish incredible goals. Through trust, empathy, listening, and asking good questions, we remove ego, make decisions and change the world. This all sounds fluffy, but we've done it! We've aligned C-Suite, investors boards, innovation teams, founders, and more through simple focused activities, and then ongoing transparent communication. The results? Businesses have started, grown, raised, and sold. Enterprises have innovated, differentiated, survived and grown.

A process that works

Our product teams have this special ability to make sure that a business or project is clearly aligned behind the "why" of the work we are doing. We use a combination of design thinking, lean, and design sprint methodologies to align your team, stakeholders, and our team around a shared vision, mission, and plan for your next product.

Everyone has a voice

In a world of extroverts that take over meetings, we break the norm, and get quiet. Using activities that draw out input and feedback from everyone on the team, we can find better solutions to the challenges we are tackling.

Alignment is perpetual

We do start every project with a Strategy and Alignment Session, but alignment is an ongoing exercise. It takes constant communication, the right tools, and a LOT of trust to keep the relationship producing results. Our Strategist and Product Managers work hard to make sure every client has complete transparency to the status of their project.

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