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MSS Portal

One central experience for a suite of security services.

The challenge of MSS

Kudelski Security has a legacy of secure products behind their name. The Kudelski brand going back decades. Their relatively recent cyber security organization was on the rise as an MSS (Managed Security Services) to watch in the market.  MSS providers lean heavily on their partner's suite of products. This allows them to utilize the latest and greatest in security technology to serve their enterprise clients. The challenge is that this then requires that Kudelski clients must navigate a sea of apps to access, tickets to manage, and reports to pull.

MSS desktop app mockup

A solution that sells.

After rapid prototyping with the Kudelski team, and testing experiences with CISOs (Chief Information Security Offices) we were able to focus the MSS portal experience to a platform that has all the information that's needed for a relationship with the Kudelski analyst, and none of the head ache of multiple logins, or clutter product experiences.

A platform that's positive, not fear based.

One of the key concepts for the MSS portal was to create an experience that was bright friendly and easy to use. Rather than the industry standard that lead with a visual of dark and fear-driven. Kudelski was a leader and thinking differently about what a "Portal" could be. These experiences traditionally were boring ways to just link off to other apps. Now, the experience is customized to the Kudelski brand. Only one place for clients to check incident tickets, run reports, review the suite of apps that Kudelski used to provide their awesome security services.