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Secure Blueprint

How do you measure cyber security maturity?

Business meets security

CISOs (Chief Information Security Officers) and security analysts are challenged daily to connect the maturity of their organization's cyber security program to the needs and investments of the business. Finding a way to collect the perspectives of each security leader in an organization can be an NIST Excel spreadsheet nightmare. There had to be a better way.

A Crema experience

The Secure Blueprint team from Kudelski started with a Strategy and Alignment Session and rapid prototyping to test early concepts of the Secure Blueprint surveys and dashboards. Our experimentation lead us to a survey-based tool which collects data according to industry standards like NIST. We quickly learned that these surveys weren't complete with only one perspective, so recurring surveys were sent out to relevant stakeholders.

In collaboration with their growing development team we built early versions of the UI and continued to support Kudelski's innovation team through additional design sprints, UX collaboration and testing.

Listening to the users to grow a great product

Kudelski took a bold step in creating a Design partner program with their early customers. They actively engaged these early customers for feedback, and have continued to iterated Secure Blueprint to be the valuable product it is today. As one of the only NIST standards SAAS tools for collection and reporting, Secure Blueprint is quickly hitting the radar of the top CISOs across the country.