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Algorithmic-based hiring on skills, not resumes

A founding team with a vision to change hiring forever.

tilr was founded by Carisa Miklusak, Summer Crenshaw, and Luke Vigeant. They had a vision that the on-demand "gig economy" was the future of work. They believed in a future when person's skills match an opportunity, they could be placed quickly and easily. Giving both employers and workers flexibility, freedom, and opportunity. We agreed completely!

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Algorithmic-based hiring on skills, not resumes

tilr entered into a market dominated by traditional hiring processes involving resumé bias, long wait times between job postings and fulfillment, along with other challenges that prohibited connecting job seekers and employers. Up front, tilr knew the solution had to involve algorithmic-based hiring on skills, not resumes, for effective and efficient job placement. Creating an accessible platform that efficiently onboarded and connected job seekers with employers was the core challenge that needed to be solved.

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tilr launched in Cincinnati, and continues to add new markets to their roster. As tilr has grown, we iterated and grew the product based on customer feedback, including a redesign of the mobile app onboarding process to significantly cut down the amount of time it takes for a job seeker to get connected to potential employers. To help support tilr's continued growth as a company, we also built out increasingly powerful admin tools. Further, as tilr grew, we helped cultivate an in-house product team that took over ongoing product development as the company has continued to grow into a success venture.

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