People of Product Leadership Circle

A private event for innovative product & technology leaders

After years of conversation with executive team members, we learned that leaders of product & innovation are often underserved in comparison to CEO's, CIO's, & CTO’s. They lack adequate community support. That's the core of why we believe the People of Product Leadership Circle should exist. This is a small, private event specifically for for C-suite or VP-level product and innovation leadership.

House Rules
Participants are free to use all that is shared with each other, but we will not share the identity or affiliation of other participants outside the private conversations.
  • Events are invite-only
  • Events are free
  • We meet in person
  • Safe and transparent space
  • Open dialogue
  • Explore the challenges and opportunities we face together

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All registrants will be reviewed before the event.

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Morning events
8:30am start

Evening events
4:30pm start

Standard agenda

Arrive and settle in
15 minutes

Welcome, house rules, and leader spotlight

15 minutes

Small group discussion
1 hour

Conclusions, announcements, networking
30 minutes

Appetizers & drinks are served at evening events.
Coffee & light breakfast are provided for morning events.

A space for Innovators Leaders

The initial invite list has been kept intentionally niche to create space for likeminded leaders in the product space to have candid conversation

  • Chief Product Officer
  • VP/Head of Product
  • Chief Innovation Officer
  • Chief Creative Officer
  • Technology & Software Leadership

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C-Suite or Product Leadership only.

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