We hire passionate, curious people to do the best work of their careers

Hiring principles

Culture Add Not Fit

Culture “fit” implies that we’re looking for people to conform to something specific. Culture “add” means we’re intentionally seeking individuals with diverse perspectives that will push us forward and shape our company for the better. 

Shared values & purpose

Our culture is always evolving, but our values and purpose remain the same. We live them out on a daily basis and we expect new hires to share those values as well. We look for principles-aligned, curious people with the skillset to achieve Crema’s desired results.

Show what you know

Our application and interview questions are the best way to get to know a candidate. We don’t require college degrees, or in some cases, even professional experience, to work at Crema, so do your best to show us what you know. This may be a personal website, GitHub profile, link to an app you built or designed, or any other creative way to display your skills.


You’ll observe an appropriate, but high level of transparency during the hiring process. We’re looking to tell you as much as we can about Crema and what it’s like to work here because we know that we’re not your only option. We’d love to answer any questions you have and will do our best to provide feedback during the interview process.

Constant improvement

Just as we expect every individual contributor at Crema to be improving, we’re learning how to improve and streamline our hiring process. We’re always open to hearing from you as well. Tell us how we’re doing!

Hiring process

Highlight what makes you shine! Our hiring manager will review submissions and will make sure to follow up with you as soon as they can.

If your application is selected, our hiring manager will reach out and schedule a 30-45 minute call to learn more about you and give you a chance to ask us questions. We will chat about your work history, relevant experience, and how you might add to our team & culture.

For some roles, we may send along a short challenge or assessment to better understand what you know. This shows you what the job may be like and gives us insight into your expertise.

If you move on to the formal interview stage, we will schedule for a 1.5 hour-long interview with a group of 3-5 cross-disciplined team members. We ask each candidate the same set of thoughtful questions to better understand how you would contribute to Crema.

Next, you will have a formal 30-minute interview with our owners, George Brooks & Dan Linhart. Finding individuals that align with our culture & values has been a top priority of our leadership since day one.

After the team members involved in the interview deliberate, the hiring manager will inform you of the final decision. Whether or not you are offered a position, you will be notified as soon as possible.

Public Recognition & Mentions