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Digital products power our lives, but they wouldn’t exist without the expertise and passion of real people. This podcast brings together industry experts to have conversations beyond tech, tools, and process. We’re here to talk about the ROI of empowered teams. Listen as we discuss building, leading, equipping, and inspiring product teams to create transformational change within companies.

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Todd Henry

Founder | Author
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Jeff Gothelf

Author | Coach | Consultant
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Aaron Dignan

Founder | Author
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Richard Banfield

VP of Design Transformation at InVision
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February 6, 2023

124: Do You Actually Need a Product Roadmap?

Having a roadmap is important, even in an Agile environment, because it provides a shared understanding of where a project is headed. In this week's episode, Dan and George discuss the process of creating a roadmap, including the timeline and the stages involved, such as planning, prototyping, and user engagement. They also touch on the benefit of being agile and making adjustments as necessary, while still maintaining the overall direction towards the project's north star.

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