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Digital products power our lives, but they wouldn’t exist without the expertise and passion of real people. This podcast brings together industry experts to have conversations beyond tech, tools, and process. We’re here to talk about the ROI of empowered teams. Listen as we discuss building, leading, equipping, and inspiring product teams to create transformational change within companies.

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Todd Henry
Founder | Author
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Jeff Gothelf
Author | Coach | Consultant
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Aaron Dignan
Founder | Author
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Richard Banfield
VP of Design Transformation at InVision
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February 19, 2024

145: How Technology is Transforming the Construction Industry (ft. Aaron Henderson)

Technology is changing the way we approach construction - from planning and visualization to project management. In this week's episode, Aaron Henderson of STACK Construction Technologies shares insights from his perspective after having shifted from traditional construction consulting to the tech-driven realm. George and Aaron talk about showcasing some of the exciting aspects of construction to attract new talent, niching down to specialize in specific markets, and picking the right technologies when each project is unique.