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Custom software for management consulting

Our product teams bring fresh ideas and creative problem-solving skills that help our clients think differently. We're a trusted, confidential partner that delivers high-quality work on time.

Why should you build custom management consultancy software?

The global consulting sector is one of the biggest, most mature markets in the professional services industry. Still, there’s room to innovate the business model beyond the billable hour while increasing the size and duration of your client engagements.

The talent pool for this market is highly concentrated due to the specialized nature of the work. This makes it important to invest in custom software that frees your highly-skilled staff to focus on what they’re great at, rather than repetitive, time-consuming tasks. These systems not only increase efficiency but reduce the need to hire and develop talent.

Management consultancies are leading the way when it comes to digital transformation. Firms that recognize technology opportunities and invest early are positioned to capture more of the market.


Estimated US revenue for the management consulting industry in 2022


Spent by US federal government on management consultants in 2018


Of business leaders say they plan to accelerate the digital transformation of their business following Covid-19

We partner with forward-thinking businesses at every stage of growth

Funded startups ready to move

Established businesses ready to scale

What type of management consultancies does Crema work with?

One of the beautiful things about the industry is the range of ways in which a single firm can provide value for its clients. Expertise, creativity, and collaboration are necessary skills to drive real impact. At Crema, we view our service to clients in the same way.

As experts in product design and development, we pair our expertise with that of our partners to create digital solutions that solve complex business problems. We've had the pleasure of working with firms across the consulting spectrum.

  • Growth consultancies
  • Operations consultancies
  • Strategy consultancies
  • Human resources consultancies
  • Information technology consultancies
  • Financial advisories

Solutions for management consulting firms

From ideation to implementation and delivery, our product teams have deep experience in the creation and long-term support of both internal and external digital products.

  • Automation of complex processes
  • Data visualization
  • Continuous integration and delivery
  • Automated testing
  • Accessibility and internationalization
  • User experience design
  • Design systems
  • Design sprints
  • Web and mobile app design
  • Full stack development

“Crema understands the business problem we’re trying to solve, not just the technical problem. They’ve proven to be an incredible partner with a team that’s very nimble and agile. Additionally, the team is very transparent and admits when something is out of their realm of expertise. Crema’s help has allowed us to have one of the most successful MVP launches we’ve ever had. They deliver on time and meet all of our standards for success.”

Chief Product Officer | SBI Growth Advisory

Tech Stack

React & React Native












Don’t go it alone, hire a team of seasoned product experts

Speed, velocity, and agility

Our product development teams are made up of agile practitioners who are able to quickly adapt as project needs change. We align ourselves with your goals and always deliver on schedule. It's our belief that trust is consistency over time.

User experience

The easier something is to use, the more likely someone will use it. Our product development teams are experts in UX/UI design and create beautiful experiences that both in-house teams and consumers love.

Security and compliance

Partnering with world-class consulting firms comes with serious cybersecurity expectations. As a result, we've developed a strong security culture to meet the requirements necessary to comply with high client standards.

Business sense

Our product teams don’t just build, they approach the work with your business in mind. Each practitioner brings a wealth of experience and an entrepreneurial spirit that will help you get the most out of your investment.

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