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Alison Stark

Director of Product

Responsible for leading overall direction and performance of their team, maintaining and leading quality relationships with their clients, providing overall engagement direction, and nurturing growth opportunities.

About Alison

As a Group Director, Alison is responsible for leading the overall direction and performance of her group of teams and nurturing the relationships with her clients. Alison also contributes as a Product Manager, ensuring that she is able to help encourage an environment where members of her group can not only grow in their individual crafts, but overall contribution towards Crema’s purpose as well.

What's Alison's favorite thing about her role?

"Product Management provides you with the best of both worlds when it comes to building tools. You get the opportunity to be involved in large-scale/long-term strategy and planning, but you also get to be involved and own the day-to-day. It's awesome!"

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Alison Stark
Alison Stark
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