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Ashley Holbrook


Uses exploratory and automated testing to ensure delivery of thoroughly tested, high-quality products.

About Ashley

Ashley graduated from college with a degree in Print Management, emphasizing design. She began her career as a prepress manager for 6 years but switched paths in 2015 when she applied to and got on StartupBus. This was her introduction to the world of tech. During the next few years, Ashley worked a side business of design and Wordpress website creation. In 2017 she took a 23-week intensive code program (LaunchCode) and joined the Crema team as a test engineer shortly thereafter. Since then, she has worked on several projects, testing on multiple platforms and devices. Being able to code when she creates automated tests is the special ingredient to round off all the things she loves about her job.

What's Ashley's favorite thing about her role?

"The mix of creativity and logic! It's one of the most pleasing brain feels one could obtain."

Ashley Holbrook
Ashley Holbrook
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