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Ashley Holbrook

Test Engineer

Ashley focused on science and biology throughout high school, getting her CNA her senior year of high school with the goal of becoming a vet.

Her sophomore year of college as a biology major, she had the latest in a series of knee surgeries and realized being a vet maybe would be too demanding on her knee. She took a semester off college and, during the break, got a copy of Photoshop. Loving the creative liberation mixed with technical aspect of using PS to create, she went back to college for Print Management, emphasizing design.

After graduating, Ashley decided she wanted to  explore her creative side. She had design jobs for the next 4 years, but, looking for a change, she took on a more technical role as a Prepress manager in print for the 6 years following.

Everything change In 2015 when Ashley applied to and got on The Start Up Bus.  This was the first time she got to see into the world of tech.  Devs were rockstars, ideas became apps in days.  She returned from the trip with a mission to learn as much as she could about tech.  The next handful of years Ashley started a side business of design and Wordpress website creation.  She sought out resources to continue learning about development.  At a KCWiT event, she heard of LaunchCode and knew that was the ticket to a new life.  She applied and was accepted! After 23 intense weeks, she graduated in the Spring of 2017.

It was through one of the slack channels in KCWiT that she heard about an opening at Crema.  Crema had stuck out in her mind as a cool place to work when she had gone there for Ted Talks back in the day, so she was overjoyed at the opportunity to be a part of the Crema team.

Ashley was officially added to the Crema team as a Test Engineer in Feb 2018, but had been doing contractor work since Nov 2017.  Since then, she has worked on several projects, testing on multiple platforms and devices.  Being able to code when she creates automated tests is the special ingredient to round off all the things she loves about her job.  She finds the mix of creativity and logic to be one of the most pleasing brain feels one could obtain; everything she sought after all those years switching back and forth between creative and logical jobs.

Things Ashley loves about testing are:

* Thinking critically
* Creative problem solving
* Planning and organizing tests
* Variety of devices to test on
* Coding automated tests
* Being on multiple projects

Things she loves about working at Crema are: 

* Work environment, transparent, supportive
* Results based, trust
* Opportunities to learn and grow
* Support in a passionate direction
* Working small cross discipline teams

Things Ashley likes in general are:

* Budgeting
* Cycling
* Yoga
* The Sims