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Ashley Holbrook


Independently produces clean code, tests programs, and deploys data services and APIs collaborating with the product team

About Ashley

Ashley is a dedicated developer with a rich background in testing, print management, and design. After earning her degree in Print Management with an emphasis on design, she began her career journey as a prepress manager. In 2017, Ashley sought a career change completing LaunchCode, a 23-week intensive coding program. This opened the door to her joining the Crema team as a test engineer. Over the next three years, she rose through the ranks from a test engineer to a senior test engineer, refining her expertise across multiple platforms and devices. In 2020, while still fulfilling her role as a senior test engineer, Ashley undertook and completed Crema's developer apprenticeship program. Since 2022, she has been a developer at Crema, harnessing the power of React and TypeScript to craft top-notch web products on a daily basis.

What's Ashley's favorite thing about her role?

"The mix of creativity and logic! It's one of the most pleasing brain feels one could obtain."

Ashley Holbrook
Ashley Holbrook
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