People are diverse, technology is complicated, and your business is complex. Remarkable products start with a rich understanding of these challenges. Crema's Exploratory work is a practical, multi-disciplinary combination of design thinking, research, & strategy — rooted in the experience of what it takes to bring an idea to life.

Custom-designed workshops provide the time, space, and activities that enable teams to address their most pressing challenges. Using design thinking and other collaborative methodologies, we help frame the problem space, identify the key metrics of success, and prioritize opportunities to consistently accelerate a team’s progress on meaningful work.

Our people-centric research approach builds a rich understanding of what people expect from your product. And because we’re product experts, we’re not into research for its own sake or pie-in-the-sky strategies; we bring a wealth of first-hand, practical experience to provide inspiring and realistic strategies for bringing exceptional digital products to life. 

Tools like customer journey maps and service blueprints can help a team to make decisions that are grounded in a holistic view of the customer’s reality. Codifying observations from quantitative & qualitative data alike, these robust visual artifacts unify teams around common objectives and highlight opportunities to serve users more effectively. 

In-house teams can often find themselves trapped in the reality of their current product or roadmap. In order to reach the next level, they need deeper visibility into the experiential and technical aspects of a product. Crema’s unbiased, third-party perspective can help an organization challenge assumptions about what a service is — and what it could be in the future. These insights are commonly used to inform investment, modernization, and roadmapping strategies.

When working with emerging or unfamiliar technologies, teams often build out a proof of concept to test assumptions about bringing the solution to life. We work with in-house teams and prospective users to validate the desirability of a concept through interactive prototypes, and functional proofs-of-concept can help answer questions about the technological feasibility of an idea. 

Mapping a disruption-proof future of your company or product is not a linear process. The cultural landscape, industry trends, and market dynamics are constantly shifting, yet building a resilient program requires attention to these complex systems. Crema helps navigate this multifaceted volatility with imagination and pragmatism. We’ll uncover what makes your offering unique, then chart a course to empower you to capture the truly innovative possibilities & opportunities ahead. 

“This has been so so good. It’s what we should have done the first time.”

Denise Kruze
CEO, AdamsGabbert

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