Strategy & product management

At the core of successful digital products is an approach that’s grounded in the users’ needs. Product management works to define that strategy by listening to the customers, understanding the technology, and aligning the user needs with the business goals.

Product management

Product managers have a unique vantage point that allows PdMs to gather context from various points of view. This vantage point gives them the ability to align teams around a shared vision, mission, and plan for your product.

One of the most difficult challenges of any project is ensuring that everyone is on the same page. A great product strategy can serve as a north star for the team, providing clarity to allow for better and quicker decision making during the product development process.

Agile coaching

With over a decade of experience in partnering with startups, enterprises, and Fortune 500 companies, we know what empowers great product teams: people. Our agile coaches walk alongside your team to train and equip you with the necessary tools for success. Together, we will work to break rigid, unproductive structures and create ones that support an environment where you and your team will thrive.

Design Sprints

Based on the exercises and principles from Google Venture’s Design Sprint, this value-packed workshop will help identify key pain points, ideate solutions, and validate actionable next steps for your digital product. Get the most out of your team in a short period of time to quickly solve the problems you’ve been stuck on, so you can finally propel your software project forward.

Venture Lab

Venture Lab is Crema’s playground for innovation and exploration. It gives our team members the unique opportunity to explore and potentially launch new app ideas into the world. This fosters collaboration, experimentation and problem-solving that get applied back to client engagements.

A Crema engagement is a partnership between your team and ours.

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"In an effort to increase velocity within our IT organization, we chose to partner with Crema. With their breadth of skill sets, talents, and great diversity, Crema was able to significantly impact our company's development throughput, with great ease! It's such a pleasure coming to work every day knowing that Crema is highly reliable, transparent, and simply a great group of folks to work with"

Nicole Aiello
Senior Program Manager, SelectQuote

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