Chanel Smiling

Chanel Maddox

Product Manager

Responsible for product planning, client/team relations, as well as long-term and short-term responsibilities for team members to reach the overarching goals throughout a product lifecycle.

About Chanel

Chanel began her career in consulting, but oftentimes would question the ‘why’ around everything her team and the client did. Her inquisitive nature led her to want to always dive deeper into understanding the why behind the product decisions when it came to solving complex problems. It’s why she enjoys product management today and working in strong product teams. As one of Crema’s product managers, she helps drive the clients vision to fruition to create great product solutions that meet the goals of the business. She’s been lucky enough to lead digital products, mobile apps, web apps, and many more product solutions in her experience as a Product Manager.

What's Chanel's favorite thing about her role?

"Seeing ideas and people’s imaginations turn into tangible solutions"

Chanel Maddox
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