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Dan Linhart

Co-Founder / COO

Oversees operations, organizational development, and business planning at Crema.

About Dan

Dan’s passion for entrepreneurship can be traced back to childhood, as he watched his dad and grandfather run their own successful small business. Through all of the ups and downs over the years, he witnessed them create something they were proud of. Dan echos this pride observing the work that Crema has done to help clients, companies, and individuals thrive.

Dan began his professional career in customer service and project management, working in both small business and large enterprise environments. During the last year of his MBA program at Rockhurst, the opportunity to use the skills he attained in those industries suddenly presented itself. In 2009 George Brooks approached Dan about partnering to launch the idea for Crema.

All it took was a good conversation and a cup of coffee to leap into his first entrepreneurial journey. In the beginning, the role required him "wearing dozens of hats" including operations, sales, finance, and product management. Now, Dan considers himself a “retired” product manager who has found a sweet spot in creating high-performance teams, developing individuals to be the best version of themselves, and ensuring that the team stays on mission.

For the past 10 years, Dan has been at the forefront of the Crema team’s hard work and dedication. He continues to dream big and challenge himself and the Crema team to be the very best versions of themselves. He believes that businesses focused on excellence over ego, service over selfishness, and people over process will make the world a better place.

That is just a snapshot. If you’d like to know more about Dan, get in touch at daniel@crema.us (P.S. Please, don’t try to sell him a benefits package or insurance options. Thanks!)

What’s Dan’s favorite thing about his role??

“I love maximizing opportunities and challenges to help everyone at Crema discover the best version of themselves. If we all show up, being and giving our best, then Crema will be the absolute best it can be.”

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Dan Linhart
Dan Linhart
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