Dan smiling

Dan Linhart

Co-Founder / COO

My passion for entrepreneurship can be traced back to my childhood, as I watched my dad and grandfather run their own successful small business. Through the up years and the down years, I watched as they created something they were proud of. I echo this pride as I watch companies and individuals thrive with the help of our agency.

For the last 10 years, I’ve seen our team’s hard work and dedication bloom into a company that makes our community and world better through design and technology. I continue to dream big and challenge myself and our team to be the very best versions of ourselves. The reason? I believe one of the strongest agents for change is a thriving company. Businesses that are focused on excellence over ego, service over selfishness, and people over process will make the world a better place. This dream sounds trite, but when you’ve seen it happen, it would be irresponsible to not turn that dream into reality.

A “best” day for me starts with an early workout and a great pour-over coffee, transitions into collaborative sessions on business operations, strategy and company culture, and ends with the knowledge that our company is one step closer to our vision of making the world better through design and technology. I am not a designer or a programmer; instead, I am a “retired” product manager that has found a sweet spot in creating high performance teams, developing individuals to be the best version of themselves, and ensuring that our team stays on mission.

After a long day, I am grateful to come home to my most important people on the planet: my wife (Lisa), and my kids (Caleb, Ellie, William, and Tessa). We work hard, and we play hard!  Our family loves to travel, invest in our church and community, play sports (and more sports!), and spend time with our neighbors, friends, and family. In short, we love our people.

That’s a snapshot. If you’d like to know more, chats over coffee or beers are most welcome!