Deric smiling

Deric Mendez

App Developer

Deric attended college with the intent of going after an engineering degree. After he didn't enjoy his first semester, he visited one of the counselors at KCKCC to express an interest in math and design. Deric's counselors promptly recommended their new Web Applications program that finished with an Associates Degree.

His initial intent was to work as a designer. However, that role didn't exist without more hands on development.  Since then, Deric's career has been picking up development one piece at a time and trying to keep up with the intense flux of ever-changing technologies.  

On that note, he's very passionate about making sure that not only the projects he works on look great, but anyone can intuitively use them. He believes there is definitely a balance with good web development paired with good design... and figuring out that balance is a challenge he's willing to take on.

Working at Crema has been a pretty large milestone in his career.  Until then, most work he's done had been making content sites interactive and visually appealing. Working here, he's been given an opportunity to work on large scale applications, think about scalability, work with 3rd party services and APIs, and push client side development to its limits.

A few of Deric's favorite things are his family, cooking, and anything active (i.e. running, working out, throwing things...).