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Mandy Tadros


Develops, implements, and updates software solutions for web and mobile applications.

About Mandy

Mandy graduated from Kansas State University with a B.S. in Industrial Engineering, then spent the next 6 years afterward working in consulting. Mandy enjoyed the people she got to work with and playing a role in improving the processes. The more she worked with software engineers though, the more she realized that she wanted to be able to write code herself. That’s when she went back to school to start a Computer Information Systems associate degree and discovered the world of app development. It couldn’t have been a more perfect fit. Mandy worked in healthcare IT for 6 years before joining Crema. In her day-to-day now, she uses React & React Native to build web and mobile products.

What's Mandy's favorite thing about her role?

"The field is always advancing, allowing me to keep learning."

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Mandy Tadros
Mandy Tadros
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