Crema Partners with ArtsKC to Support the Launch of Its Latest Pilot Program

Crema Partners with ArtsKC to Support the Launch of Its Latest Pilot Program

Julie Branson
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Crema –  a design & technology consultancy based in Kansas City, MO – is providing technology support and product leadership consulting for ArtsKC as they launch a brand new program in 2024.

ArtsKC is a local non-profit organization offering programs and services designed to “advance lives through the arts.” They are the only arts and culture service organization that has a dedicated strategic focus to promote, support, and advocate for the arts across the metropolitan region. Each year, ArtsKC programs directly benefit more than 437,000 people.

The ArtsKC team is piloting a new program called The Drop, that partners with local arts, culture, and social service organizations to give individuals who have often been excluded the opportunity to participate in the vibrant experiences they have to offer.

Today, there are many in Kansas City who have little to no opportunity to engage with the arts. The reasons vary from ticket prices, trouble finding out about events, transportation, and even knowing what to wear and where to park can get in the way. The Drop was designed to ensure they feel welcome, comfortable, and engaged at all events offered.

For the pilot program to be successful, there are several important technology and operational challenges that need to be addressed. Streamlined access ticketing, eligibility requirement management, and appropriately tracking meaningful diversity data are crucial for operational excellence.

Crema has proudly partnered with ArtsKC to help their team navigate the roadmap to launching The Drop. Together the teams are working to translate known program requirements into a seamless ecosystem that meets both the arts and culture community and participating organization expectations.

Engagement activities include:

  • High-level service road mapping
  • Ecosystem mapping
  • Platform and website considerations
  • Producing video assets for promotion
  • Technical & customer research planning
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Additional technology recommendations for launch

The partnership kicked off in the late spring of 2023 defining the goals of the pilot program. Next, we plan to review findings from the pilot program to inform a full rollout of the program. Additional initiatives are set to unfold in the coming months.

“We're proud to have the opportunity to lend our expertise to such an inspired group of individuals. As an organization that deeply values creativity and community, the Crema team has greatly enjoyed collaborating with ArtsKC to shape this new program and future services they hope to provide.” - Tucker Sauer-Pivonka, VP of Product, Crema

“Our partnership with Crema has been instrumental in the development of The Drop. Their technology expertise has enabled us to bring our vision to life and we are thrilled to have them as a partner." – Linda Williams, The Drop Manager, ArtsKC

The Drop launched in December 2023. Go to the ArtsKC website for more information.

Pictured in the header image: The Kansas City Jazz Orchestra "The Voice" featuring guest artist Deborah Brown. March, 2 2023

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Jan 16, 2024

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